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Our Story

Grant Life Entertainment (GLE) is a charismatic “creator-centric” company that specializes in invigorating product and cutting-edge content through multiple forms of media and merchandise. By transcending the confines of traditional and legacy media and focusing on unabashed and resolute creativity that is positive and impactful, we aim to generate long-term value and foster copious connections with our target audience(s) across multiple demographics. Our objective is one of disruption for the benefit of the common good. Where unorthodoxy is celebrated, it brings about an unwavering commitment to creativity, innovation, and philanthropy. Where others dare not, we tread, and we do it for the benefit of all.



At GLE, our mission is to usher in a renewed, refreshed, and positive entertainment / creator industry that has become stifled by outdated practices and policies for decades. We want to reduce non-creator-centric business practices to help in promoting and inspiring younger generations to grow and achieve their own success. We choose to “grant life opportunities” and abundance through focusing on the creator and general human welfare, which brings about a better end benefit to everyone involved.


Creator-centric collaboration(s) / partnership(s) and welfare

 Focus on fairness, equality, and “Granting Life” opportunities to those less fortunate

Inspire the underdog, uplift the shadowed soul, and bring to light new and impactful creations.


Our vision is to reduce

non-creator-centric business practices while promoting and inspiring younger generations to grow and achieve their own success. We choose to grant life opportunities and abundance through focus on creator and general human welfare

Meet The Team

*Biographies coming soon

Tony Grant

Chief Executive Officer 

David Miclat

Chief Operations Officer 

Andrew Spires 

Chief Financial Officer

Samantha Lynch

Chief Marketing Officer

Eric Goldstein

Chief Creative Officer

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